Hello, I'm George Unsworth; the founder and CEO of Mortar.
Mortar is an AI platform for building unified, secure and accessible sources of data. We help connect companies and their users to cloud based products and services. Viva la revolution!

My background is as a real-estate fintech expert. As Mortar has grown I have been spending time with the PwC Prop Tech programme and soon I'll start working with the London and Partners business growth team. As a fellow of the Finance Innovation Lab and Young Foundation I help to highlight the unintended consequences that stem from automation and AI (data bias and asymettry), and I support big thinking on projects that promote data ownership and digital inclusion.

What else would you like to know? I have a very creative background and I am an avid supporter of contemporary art. I also now appear to have developed a cliched penchant for spectacularly over-exerting myself attempting to run marathons (big shout out to the herniated disc community). If you want to hear more about these various efforts, successes and failures you can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.